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The Tastiest Raw Green You've Never Tried
May 21, 2011

The Tastiest Raw Green You've Never Tried

I was recently introduced to water spinach, a very popular leafy vegetable in Asia that can also be found in Asian grocery stores in North American and Europe, and I was immediately won over.

Not only does it make for good munching food, but it works as a substitute for lettuce in salad recipes. Asians usually use it in stir fries, but it's delicious raw.

Unlike many vegetables based around stalks, water spinach has a hollow, easy-to-digest stem that I think tastes even better than the leaves. The taste is salty and earthy, and I can't get enough of it.

I've written a lot more about water spinach and how to find it here.

Tired Of A Jam-Prone Blender?

Years ago I got tired of always having my smoothies and raw dressings get jammed in my old low-powered blender, so I got a Vitamix.

It's got a tamper you can use to mash down stuck food without taking the lid off, and it's powerful enough to blend just about anything.

If you're looking for a better blender, check out my Vitamix review here

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) Lyz wants to know what she can add to her smoothies to stabilize her blood sugar.

2) Julie wants to know what I think of the partially-raw Hallelujah Diet.

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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