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Get Your Tomato Questions Answered
July 13, 2011

Get Your Tomato Questions Answered

Tomatoes and nightshade vegetables - survey the field and you'll hear high praise for them. From lycopene to micronutrients, there's a lot to admire about these botanical fruits....not to mention the taste! How many people don't love a good tomato or tamarillo?

Yet some have chosen to swear off the nightshade family - often called the, "deadly nightshades."

They wonder if eating a tomato can be entirely healthy if its cousin, a wild bush, can kill you when you eat its berries.

Other believe nightshade vegetables bring on arthritis or various skin problems.

So is there any basis to their fears?

I tell you what you need to know about the nightshade family here.

Looking For A Good Raw Food Read?

A lot of people email me looking for good health and raw food-related books to brush up on, so I thought I'd make a suggestion

One I enjoyed a few months back was "Raw Food Controversies," which tells some fascinating stories about the early years of the raw food movement in the United States and sorts through the morass of poor raw food information that stems from many of those early pioneers.

If you're interested, check out my full review.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) Jay has a weak digestive system and is worried about stressing it with raw foods. What should he do?

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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