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Can You Finish A Page On The Porcelain Throne? If So, You're Not Eating Well
August 29, 2011

Can You Finish A Page On The Porcelain Throne? If So, You're Not Eating Well

One oft-overlooked but extremely-telling aspect of health is our ability to move our bowels.

More than half the people in western countries don't have ideal bowel movements, and many rely on an onslaught of laxatives to combat their chronic constipation.

There's likely nothing wrong with their bowels, however, and only with the inappropriate foods they're stuffing their bodies with.

There are a number of foods in western diets that are completely incompatible with humanity's digestive anatomy, and these cause the vast majority of constipation issues we suffer from. When you eliminate these, constipation usually disappears within days.

One litmus test I give to my coaching clients with constipation issues is pretty simple: if they can sit down on a toilet and finish an entire page of a book or magazine before they're done, they're not eating particularly well.

In most circumstances, a healthy person's bowel movements should take no more than a 10 seconds or so, and stools should be with clean, well-formed, and relatively benign in odor.

When you're a raw foodist, things start to go even smoother.

Learn what science tells us about constipation and how you can avoid the causes of it with the right dietary decisions in this article.

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