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Why Your Granddad's Banana Was Better Than Yours
September 12, 2011

Why Your Granddad's Banana Was Better Than Yours

Exploring the markets of Thailand, I've come across a banana which you've probably never tasted, but which your grandfather or even great-grandfather probably enjoyed daily.

It's got a far sweeter taste than the cavendish bananas you get from the supermarket, and a more pleasant texture to boot. So are you eating an inferior banana?

The gros michel was wiped off the western hemisphere, with a few exceptions, by Panama disease and irresponsible plantation growing systems. Yet it survived in its ancestral homeland in Southeast Asia, and is a Thai favorite.

I tell you about tasting the gros michel, and your chances of finding one in this article and video.

The Fruit Vs Vegetable War

Should a healthy diet focus on fruits or vegetables? This is an old debate, and a somewhat ridiculous one.

People often seem to think I favor fruit over vegetables, but if this video is any indication that's not the case at all.

The simple truth is that both fruits and vegetables play a critical role in our diet, but that doesn't mean we're able to use them interchangeably. Read more about the fruit vs vegetable war here.

Erskien Lenier: Healed And Fueled By Fruit

Read an inspiring raw food success story.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) David wants to know if we should we be worried about oxalic acid and hard-to-digest vegetables.

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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