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The Best Dietary Improvements I Know For Making You Permanently Happier
October 25, 2011

The Best Dietary Improvements I Know For Making You Permanently Happier

Would you believe me if I told you a change to one area of your life could make you permanently happier?

I wrestled with depression through much of my early life, and eventually figured out a number of physical and mental strategies for keeping me happy, which I describe in The Raw Food Lifestyle.

Yet one area of change has unexpectedly left me reliably happier than anything else I've come across, and given the focus of, it shouldn't be a surprise that this area is dietary change.

I'm certainly not saying I never have a down moment. Life will throw you curve balls, and sometimes you just aren't feeling at your best.

But there's lots of scientific evidence supporting the idea that making certain dietary improvements will increase your emotional stability, decrease the amount of stress, depression, and anxiety you experience, and generally leave your mood at a higher state than it was before the changes.

It's hard to quantify, but I'm definitely much happier than I was before I started improving my diet.

When you're not happy, doctors are quick to prescribe mood-altering drugs of questionable safety, but a far more effective and healthy solution is just to get people to improve their diets.

These changes don't make the pharmaceutical industry any money, but they can definitely make you a lot happier.

Learn what changes you can make to feel legitimately happier in this new article.

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