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Why Low Carb Diet Guru Tim Ferriss Gets Sick, And Preventing Raw Food Cavities
November 22, 2011

Why Low Carb Diet Guru Tim Ferriss Gets Sick

Blogger Tim Ferris is gutsy and goes to great lengths to live the life he wants - things I highly respect.

Yet the low carb, protein-centric diet he endorses doesn't protect him from the sicknesses the average person gets while traveling around the world, and he recently ranted about the food poisoning he got in India.

On the other hand, I've been traveling around Southeast Asia for more than a year now without getting so much as a cold, much less the onslaught of traveler's diarrhea most vagabonds eventually experience.

What's my secret? A diet that won't let me get sick.

Read more about living sickness free in developing countries, or right in your back yard, here.

Protect Your Teeth From Raw Food Cavities

Believe it or not, a lot of people destroy their teeth eating raw foods.

Why? They're eating the wrong foods.

Learn how to eat so cavities are never an issue here.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) A reader wants to know how she can prevent diabetes when she suffers from allergies to corn, wheat, soy, eggs, and many other foods. I tell her here.

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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