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One Step You Can Take To Achieve Greater Freedom In Your Life
December 14, 2011

One Step Toward Greater Freedom And Abundance

Many of you know I've been wandering around Asia for over a year now, doing things I'm passionate about like learning to grow food on permaculture farms, talking to people from all over the world, tasting delicious new types of fruit, and exploring places I've been dreaming about since childhood.

My life is amazing, and I'm grateful to be where I am.

Not so long ago, though, I was a poorly-paid, stressed out newspaper reporter with two weeks of vacation a year. So how did I create the freedom to have such an amazing life?

When I run into people living on a more limited time budget, particularly raw foodists, they want to know my secret. This is it.

It started with a bit of passion. I'd overcome colitis and found new vitality by switching to a raw food diet, and as a hobby I created a free website to tell people how to make similar improvements: was born.

Although I just wanted to help people and didn't expect to earn money, two years later it was such a success that I was able to monetize it and quit my job, allowing me to travel and live the life of my dreams.

However, I didn't know anything about creating websites or running a business when I started. The only reason I've been a success is because I had a big resource most people don't: Site Build It.

SBI hosts your website, but more importantly the company teaches you how to build a business, step by step, that's capable of earning you money you can access from anywhere, be it your house or some hostel in Morocco.

I started as a hobby in my limited spare time, but I couldn't help but build it into a business because of the amazing resource that is SBI. When I decided I'd had enough of the grind, all I had to do we monetize it.

So whether you're looking to quit your job, just want a bit of extra cash on the side, or have plans to launch a web empire, I can't suggest SBI enough. That's all there is behind my success: passion, hard work, and SBI.

If you've got a hobby or an interest, chances are you can turn it into a business too. If you want some freedom, I can't imagine a better holiday gift to yourself.

SBI Holiday Special

The reason I mention SBI now is because they just launched their annual 2-for-1 special.

It's an extra bonus where you get a second SBI account for yourself, a friend, or a relative for free. Got a husband, wife, child, or friend who should be developing a job-free source of income too? Give it to them and enjoy having a buddy to shoot ideas back and fourth with. It's also great to have someone who can hold you accountable.

If you have two great ideas for a site and can't decide which to develop, don't decide - develop both yourself.

Check out the SBI 2-for-1 special here.

The Beautiful And Tasty Red Banana

In Asia I frequently run across the beautiful red banana (Red Dacca).

Not only does the color never cease to catch your eye, but it tastes pretty great too.

Learn more about it here.

Luna Sandals Review

My birthday gift to myself was a pair of the spectacular Luna Sandals. They're minimalist running and casual foodwear that just rocks. I've worn nothing else (for casual and athletic wear) since I got them.

I review my Luna Sandals here.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) Andy has heard that eating a low fat raw food diet gives you amazing running endurance and wants to know if it's true. I tell him here.

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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