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“For Figuring Out What Foods Are Best For You, This Works Like Crazy”
January 25, 2012

“For Figuring Out What Foods Are Best For You, This Works Like Crazy”

I've often been left wondering what foods are really good for me. Where does raw food ideology end and the truth begin?

Sure, there's plenty of science out there, and that's what I use to put many of the foods I examine for you guys at into perspective, but that's a bit abstract.

It turns out that the only reliable way I've ever found to know if a food is really top rate is a little technique I like to call Andrew's Litmus Test.

Andrew's Litmus Test builds off the core idea of the elimination diets used by doctors to detect allergenic foods. Starting from that core idea, I kick it up a notch to allow the body to give me feedback on food choices.

With this technique, I can literally feel the difference between a healthy and unhealthy food.

To learn how to give Andrew's Litmus Test a shot, check out this article.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) Rachel wants to know if grass-fed beef and organic dairy will be better for her allergies. I explain here.

Got a raw food question of your own? Ask it!

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