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How One Surfer Upped His Game By Embracing Raw Foods
February 07, 2012

How One Surfer Upped His Game By Embracing Raw Foods

Taylor Surfing

Being out on the cold waves for hours at a time can take a lot out of you, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to power your surfing with grains, oils, animal products, and other unhealthy foods.

Marc, a reader, wanted to know if his active surfing lifestyle would work with a diet of fruits and vegetables. He thinks his health is declining because of bad food choices, but he can’t get his head around thinking raw foods will be enough to power his surfing schedule.

I'm not a surfer and could only give Marc generic answers, but luckily raw foodist and surfer Taylor Snipes agreed to share the strategies that have revolutionized his health and keep him on the water hour after hour.

If you've ever wondered if a physically ambitious sport like surfing can really be powered by "just fruits and vegetables," you've got to check out his advice.

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