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Check Out What My "Normal" Raw Salad Looks Like (and why easiest is often tastiest)
March 13, 2012

Check Out What My "Normal" Raw Salad Looks Like

A grumpy old man once told me eating so much fruit wasn't "normal".

What's followed has been something of a mini video crusade, showing the world what the normal meals of a healthy individual look like.

Today I've got another addition to that series that you can easily start making for yourself (possibly modified): Watermelon-Mango Salad

Like many of the tastiest things in life, it's incredibly simple to make but oh so satisfying.

And because I know that grumpy old man would be annoyed with me, I've filmed myself eating it as well as making it to emphasize the importance of volume.

Check out the video here.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

1) Vraja wants to know what the deal with raw potatoes is. Can't they kill you? What does that mean or raw foodists?

Got a raw food question of your own? Ask it!

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