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Is Your Raw Guru Trustworthy? New Design, New Articles! - Raw Food Health Journal, Issue # 011
July 13, 2009

Should You Listen To Your Raw Guru?

Hey guys.

The promised new design is up, or at least partially up. You can see it on a number of the main pages, and as I get time I'll be updating the rest of the site.

I'm interested in your feedback. Think something could be better easier? Let me know.

I've finished a few articles amid all the redesign work.

One is an interesting look at my criteria for "raw gurus," a term I'm not overly fond of. I've also added my of my favorite new recipes: raw mango salsa. Finally, I've added a review of Vibrance magazine.


Since the last newsletter, here's what I've added to the site:


1) How to pick a raw guru

2) My raw mango salsa recipe

4) My review of Vibrance Magazine
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