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Questions About the Raw Food Lifestyle? Get Them Answered and Prepare For A Special Deal
February 14, 2010

The Raw Food Lifestyle

I'm incredibly happy to tell you that I've finished my new ebook, "The Raw Food lifestyle," and I can't wait to get it out there to you guys. You've certainly been asking for it enough.

I'm just waiting for my cover artist to finish his work and then it'll be ready to go. I hope to have it ready within the next two to three weeks.

Ever want to escape depression? Does your life lack passion and drive? Do you think raw foods will fix all your problems? This book is for you.

In it you'll learn the many aspects of a healthy raw food lifestyle, of life, that you need to address to become a thriving, fully-realized human being. There's creeping by, and then there's kicking ass. This book will help you do the later.

The best news is I'm offering all my newsletter subscribers a special introductory offer and low price for the week prior to its official launch. I'll be taking 30 percent off its price of $29.99.

What You Can Expect

The Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) The Raw Food Book That Wasn't
3) How to Use This Book
4) Overcoming Depression
-----Cast Into the Pig Sty
-----You're Not Alone
-----Misguided Treatments
-----Don't Examine the Filth, Move Out of It
-----A Different Way to Examine the Problem
-----Making a Clean Break
-----Emotion- Don't Embrace it For a Change
-----Be Calm
-----Resurrecting the Laugh
-----Get Up and Move
-----Distract Yourself to Happiness
-----Take On Your Problems and Regain Control
5) The Realm Between Your Temples
-----Switch the Lens, Change Your Life
-----Never Complain
-----The Mirror Concept
-----Finding Meaning
-----Chasing Arete
-----Society Will Remain Two Steps Behind
-----Setting Goals
-----Daily Dose Of Inspiration
-----The Importance of Stories
-----On Not Being A Pawn
-----Learning and Memory
-----The Mind is Not Everything
-----Living For the Moment
6) The Body And Our Physical Existence
-----The Temple We Live In
-----That Urge to Move
-----Death by Sloth
-----Movement Breaks: An Easy First Step
-----The Benefits for Those Willing to Go Farther
-----A Better Way to Exercise: Play
-----Body Temperature and Warmth in The Winter
-----The Wonder Of Touch
7) Our Other Needs
-----Meaning and Purpose, Feeling Part of a Wider Community, Control Over Your Life, Emotional Intimacy, Competence and Achievement, Security, Privacy, Proper Diet, Appreciation of Art -----Time Outdoors and Biophilia 
-----Should You Get the Hell Out of Dodge?
6) Conclusion
7) About the Author
8) Sources
9) Human Needs Audit

My Video Introduction To "The Raw Food Lifestyle."

Preview The Book's Introduction:

I wrote this book because, as much as I'd like to sugarcoat it, I was once pathetic.

The fact that I was overweight, depressed and unable to use any of my gifts for a useful purpose never made me pathetic, but my  acquiescence of this state, and my refusal to press past the boundaries of the the herd mentality that led me there certainly did.

This is the book that should have been there for me to find when I was at my lowest state. Had some deus ex machina handed it to me back then or taken the time to explain its contents to me when I was a child, I'm fairly certain my early life would have gone a lot smoother.

But this book didn't exist because I hadn't stumbled through the humiliation and discomfort of having an overweight, sick body and the shame of believing I was stupid because I couldn't get myself together academically.  I hadn't had the shock of seeing blood and pus filling my toilet bowl along with my bowel movements, or missed out on so many days of my life because my head was buried under my blankets in a dark room, my skull throbbing.

I hadn't figured out that my flabby body wasn't just some curse, and that my inability to do well academically didn't indicate a lack intelligence.

Since escaping all of that, I've slowly come to realize a grudge has unwittingly formed between me and what I like to call the great societal ambivalence. I can hardly believe, and it makes me extremely angry, that there was no one to reach out to me and show me a better way.

All I needed was some inspiration and a little knowledge and I could have gotten my life together before things really started getting bad. Instead, I had people trying to supplement me to some semblance of normalcy as I slid downhill without realizing that the only thing that could possible get me climbing was the taste of something better.

I've come to realize that going through that crucible, feeling that sadness and knowing what it is to waste away has given me the ability to reach out my hand to others.

After having too many people to count tell me, "Hey, that's a really good story. Maybe you should write a book or something," I started to think that, well, maybe I should write a book...or something.

Now you've got the end product of that effort before you, and if you're where I used to be, at least partially, I hope I can be a catalyst for your own growth.

So I will strive to do for you what I needed done for me. It's my job to push you a bit past the boundaries of your comfort zone and stretch your perception of what is possible. 

If I can make a difference in your life, then maybe all that suffering I went through will have served a purpose. 

Get ready to feel uncomfortable, get ready for some inspiration, and prepare yourself to grow.

If you embrace these ideas fully, I'm certain that after six months of actively pursuing them, you will look back and see that you've risen to new heights mentally, physically and spiritually.

Enjoy this book, change your life  and then find someone in a rut and get them a copy too.

Get Ready

Next time you get an email from this address it will be to tell you that you've got roughly a week to take advantage of the special price. Hope you enjoy.

Andrew Perlot

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