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A Raw Food Holiday Indulgence and my Upcoming Ebook
December 09, 2009

Happy Holidays from Raw Food Land


Where are you Andrew, and what are you doing for the holidays?

These are the two main questions that have been piling up in my inbox as of late, so I figured It was time to email my readers with an explanation.

I've barely touched since September because I've been too busy creating one hell of a project for you guys.

I'm hard at work on an Ebook, and I'm absolutely pumped about it. I'm not the type to write a book casually, but after after years of being peppered with questions about why raw food was failing people, in just about every measure conceivable, I've decided to tackle the issue in grand fashion.

The book, likely to be titled, "The Raw Food Lifestyle," goes beyond food. Actually, it barely touches on food at all because it explains how it's only a facet of growing into a mentally, physically, and emotionally powerful human being.

The book is a bit more than half finished now, and I hope to release it in first quarter of 2010.

I'm including a brief preview specifically for my newsletter subscribers at the end of this email. It's a brief overview of what I'm trying to achieve with the book.

As for the holidays, I'm doing what I always do: having a blast physically by greatly increasing my running speed and taking some parkour classes, feasting on persimmons, enjoying the company of friends and family, and keeping myself happy and busy mentally by pursuing a number of projects. In October I also ran my first marathon, in Vibram Five Fingers of all things, which was a blast.

Many of you asked me about holiday food, specifically asking about ways to indulge without going off your diets.

As I've mentioned before, my favorite holiday indulgence is this Date/Banana/Persimmon Pie Recipe. It's delicious, filling, and holidayish without making you feel like crap, which is what most heavy cooked holiday meals do to you.

I bring this to my Family's SAD get-togethers, and even they think it's great.

"The Raw Food Lifestyle" Preview

There's so much more than food.

Ever notice a devoted carnivore throwing off positive energy like a furnace? Know any raw vegans devoid of passion and energy?

If you're eating a healthy raw food diet- or not -your life and physical body can be in shambles or humming like a finely-tuned machine.

A good diet can certainly improve our lives, but in our obsession with food we often ignore and let wither the multiple, complex elements of our existence responsible for so much of our happiness and health.

These facets are wide ranging, and leaning on only a few at the expense of the others will leave us lopsided and flailing.

I tell you this with some certainty because my own life was once lopsided, and, frankly, pretty pathetic. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but the near obesity, depression, ill health, malaise and the ineptness in school I suffered from were largely due to my being unaware these critical facets of life.

I fed my body without regard to nutrients, I lived life without goals or motivation and nature was merely that place out there that didn't have electrical sockets.

It was a sad way to live, and I was miserable. I now realize how much I was missing out on, and wish I could get my early life back to live over. I can't go back, but by laying out the techniques I used to escape that way of existing, I hope I can help guide a few people toward a happier, more sucessful state.

When people ask about the improvements I've enacted in my life, I often speak about my raw food diet and other basic facets of mental and physical health. Unmotivated and depressed people may acquiesce that they seem sound ideas, but they have trouble rousing themselves to do much of anything I suggest. To them, health is merely an abstract idea to which they attach little passion or interest. If life is dull and flat, why life healthfully?

I've known for years that I went through a complete mental metamorphosis to bring me where I am today, and I've often wondered about exactly what the catalyst was. I've pored over papers and books on depression and the dozens of modalities for dealing with it, trying to figure out what caused my own it and how I reversed it. As time went by, I started getting more emails from people through my website. Some felt better physically but worse mentally on a raw food diet. Others complained that their progress had stalled.

Faced with the sad situation of others, and their requests for guidance, I've spent several years intensifying my own research.

This book represents the culmination of that period, and I feel like I've finally reached a point of being able to explain, in a practical, applicable way, how the mental and physical side of life can come together for you. Those who were expecting more wide-ranging improvements going raw, and those who find their own minds to be obstacles to adopting healthy, worthwhile lifestyle, will find this information critical.

Those looking for information on raw foods will find it only one of numerous topics covered here, but if you're interested in health and passion at a level glossed over in most sources, you've come to the right place.


Let me know what you guys think. Anyone interested?

Andrew Perlot

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