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The Raw Food Health Journal, Issue #002 -- Thanksgiving, Raw Style
November 26, 2008

Welcome to issue #2 of the Raw-Food-Health Journal

Thanksgivings for a raw foodist can be tough, especially when you're first transitioning. Seeing other people eat the foods you used to indulge in, even if you know they were harming you,can cause all kinds of temptations.

Other raw foodists get angry that their cooked food family members and friends are still stuffing themselves without concern for their health, the well being of animals, or the damage their diet does to the earth.

When I find myself getting overly involved in such thoughts I like to take a breath and step back. Remember that you were once in their shoes, and probably would have scoffed at giving up your old favorites.

On the temptation side, I highly suggest you whip up some raw treats to rival anything that can be made on a stove. I plan to make a banana, date, and persimmon pie for myself to feast on at the dinner table. I'll also make a great salad with my favorite fixings.

But you may want to read my older article on beating cravings for info on how to knock harmful but addictive foods of their pedestal.

But hey, it's Thanksgiving, so take some time to think on the fantastic things in your life. It's a holiday and you should be relaxing. Don't let food choices stress you out.

I just got back from a completely refreshing vacation in Miami, which explains the lack of new content recently. Since the last issue, I've created the following articles, however:

1) Caring For Your Teeth on A Raw Diet
2) Two Ways To Transition To A Raw Diet
3) Adding Raw Foods To Your Diet Is A Powerful Practice

I wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving and the best of health.

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