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Learn how to run barefoot and how to talk to other raw foodists without pissing them off.
September 16, 2009

Run Barefoot, Talk Nice

After getting seriously injured training for a marathon last year, I adopted barefoot running and haven't looked back. After numerous email requests, I finally decided to explain what I've been up to.

I've spent a lot of time working on a series of articles on why barefoot running works. To many, it seems bizarre and exotic to run in minimalist footwear or barefoot, but there's no more logical way to move.

I've also put up an unrelated video I filmed back in the spring on how to communicate with raw foodists who hold different views on nutrition. I go into communication with loved ones and how to influence them without pissing them off.

This was made in response to a rather harsh series of exchanges between 80/10/10ers and high fat raw foodists going on at the time. I just got around to putting it up, but better late than never.

Finally, I'd like to take this chance to encourage everyone to check out Vibrance Magazine, which just came out with its third all-online issue.

It's pretty rare for any periodical to actually be on point when it comes to health, but Vibrance just hits it out of the park time and time again. Dave Klein is a raw foodist with some integrity, and he and his staff cover a great deal of fantastic ground.

I urge you to support his effort not only because you'll enjoy it, but because the more we get this sort of information out to people, the better off this planet will be

Check out my review of Vibrance here.

Andrew Perlot

Since the last newsletter, here's what I've added to the site:


1) Why our amazing design makes us the greatest runners on the planet, my own story of overcoming injury with barefoot running, and several other facets of barefoot running.

2) An examination of why barefoot running makes sense, and rebuttals to the standard anti-minimalist/barefoot arguments.

3) A guide to adopting minimalist or barefoot running without injuring yourself.

4) How fruit eating and running may have spurred evolution.

5) Why our shoes are causing common running injuries, and how we can prevent them by going barefoot.

6) My review of the Vibram Five Fingers, my minimalist running shoe of choice.


1) How to talk to raw foodists who have different views on nutrition without pissing them of, and how we can influence loved ones for the better.

Recommended Products:

1) The Vitamix Blender

2) Get Vibrance Magazine.

3) The Lightning Speed Fitness Program
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