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Can Hybrid Fruit Harm Us? Raw Food Health Journal, Issue # 006
February 26, 2009

Can Hybrid Fruit Hurt Us?

For the last few years I've been a bit ticked off whenever I hear someone talking about the dangers of hybrid fruit. Too much sugar? Too hybridized? How about too desperate to sell supplements?

I'm glad to lay this one to rest with an article I wrote recently. I hope this helps you out.


Since the last newsletter, here's what I've added to the site:


1) Should we fear hybridized fruit?

2) Coconut water soaked dates recipe

3) Banana-Coconut-Date Smoothie recipe

4) Book Review: The 80/10/10 Diet

5) Toxin-Free and Delicious Raw Guacamole Recipe

6) What trees bring to our lives


5) Banana-Coconut-Date smoothie recipe video

6) Why ugly fruit is sometimes best video

7) Have you ever tried the ugli fruit?

8) Raw food talk with Durianrider

9) Toxin Free Guacamole video
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