Andrew's Raw Tomato Soup Recipe

Been looking for a raw tomato soup recipe?

At the height of summer, when tomatoes are flowing out of my garden, I like to experiment with new tomato recipes. This soup was the product of one such experiment.

It's a simple recipe that's oh so satisfying. It's a fantastic tomato soup without any of the harmful salt and other spices you find in a cooked version.


Serves One:
1 1/2 lbs tomatoes (different varieties will vary the taste)
2 celery stalks
1 Lemon


Liquefy the tomatoes in your blender. Add in the celery in chunks. The trick is to mix in the celery, but leave it a bit coarse. The lemon can be added in to taste. When I make this for others I'll give them the lemon on the side and let them handle it.


Having a halfway decent blender can really make a difference on soup and dressing recipes. Whenever I'm asked for recommendations, I always suggest a vitamix for my tomato soup recipe.

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