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Vibram Five Fingers Review   

The Vibram Five Fingers arrived in my life as a godsend that allowed me discover a better way of running. 

With two injured feet, a marathon training regime wasted, and an exercise physiologist and chiropractor telling me I needed more support for my over-pronating, flat feet, I took a left turn and embraced an idea that everyone seemed to think was unwise: less shoe, more skin.

The Vibram Five Fingers certainly played a huge part in allowing me to adopt a barefoot running style without needing to build up the tolerance of my soles over the course of years.

Vibram Five Fingers Water Run

The results were tremendous, and I'm now running as much as 20 miles at a stretch without injury. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to end the cycle of running injuries and try something unique and fun.

Vibram Five Fingers: What Are They?

Imagine a mix between a slipper and a glove, and you've got a  pretty good idea of what the Vibram Five Fingers look and feel like.

They don't appear anything like your average running shoe, and you're likely to attract attention when you take them out for a spin.

But the advantage is they don't feel a bit like an average footwear either. Although flexible leather soles protect your feet from abrasions and the filth of the road, two of the primary issues stopping people from giving true barefoot running a try, your foot is exposed to a whole new world of sensation that will dramatically change your running experience for the better.

Many of the common running injuries that disable runners every year are caused because we can't tell through our shoes' padding our bodies are not happy.

Many runners take large strides and land on their heels, but a few minutes running barefoot this way will show you your body doesn't like the idea, and the messenger will be carried in the pain that spikes up through your feet with every heel strike.

Guided by the pain which tells us what not to do, most people wearing Vibram Five Fingers develop a short stride, land on their fore or mid foot, and start getting injured a lot less, if at all. 

Vibram Five Fingers: The Freedom

After a few months in five fingers, regular running shoes feel like coffins. Rather than letting your muscles support your body naturally, most running shoes attempt to impose order on nature, and largely fail. Vibram Five Fingers Crossed Feet

Shoe designers think they know more about creating a foot than the dynamic process of million of years of evolution. When you start running barefoot or semi barefoot, you'll feel the muscles building up in your legs, and new abilities of perception and balance developing.

At 5.3 oz per shoe, they're light as feathers, and a true joy to run in.

You can feel every dip in the terrain and the little details of every terrain you run over. The sensation of striding over the world is a joy.

The flow, KSO, classic, and sprint are also vegan-apropriate, for those who are not a fan of leather.

Vibram Five Fingers: The Versatility

Although I originally bought the five fingers for running, I quickly started using them for an all-purpose sports shoe.

On one recent day in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York, I spent the morning biking around the scenic trails in my five fingers. I then went onto a main road and noticed an intriguing waterfall running beside me. I hopped off my bike and scrambled down to the bottom on a series of fantastic rock outcroppings. Later I hiked, and finally finished the day with some great rock scrambling at the Mohonk Preserve.

Through all this my five fingers gave me the  protection I was looking for without sacrificing the high degree of balance and sensation we get from being barefoot.

Vibram Five Fingers: The Flavors

All the various models offer the same minimalist experience, but each specializes in something different.

The KSOs

Vibram Five Fingers KSO

The KSOs -Keep Stuff Out- are my favorite variety, and just seem to fit my feet more comfortably than any of the others. They have a mesh upper section to them, which offers good ventilation. They're nice for trail running because they'll keep dirt and rocks out.

The Classics

Vibram Five Fingers Classic

These are certainly the most open version of the five fingers, and the most freeing. Unlike the KSOs, sprints, and flows, which use one or more Velcro straps, the classics rely on a cord which can be tightened around the heel.

I find it a bit uncomfortable. I should caution, however, that I need to tighten the strap a lot because, although I have a wide forefoot, I have a smaller heel, and need the strap tight to secure the shoe.

I know plenty of people who wear these and love them.

The Sprints

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

The Sprints are just like the classics but rely on a strap across the forefoot. I haven't tried these yet.

The Flows

Vibram Five Fingers Flow

I live in chilly Connecticut, and just purchased the flows, which feature extra insulation, so I could continue running outside in minimalist footwear during winter. They're quite comfortable, and look forward to pitting them against the cold.

Where To Find Vibram Five Fingers

If you're like me, and there's no store that stocks the Vibram Five Fingers near you, you're stuck ordering them off the internet. That can be tricky because, although very good fitting directions are provided, you never know how they'll feel on your foot until you try them.

Because of the free shipping, price, excellent service, and generous return policy, I've been buying mine from pegasusshoes.com. I sent back a pair that didn't fit without issue, and they were very cooperative. 

I've arranged for raw-food-health.net to recieve a small portion of the purchase price, and so buying through pegasusshoes.com helps what you love here to grow.

Get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers here.

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