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Words Of Inspiration Can Change Your Life

Words of inspiration tend to come into our lives directly on only the rarest of occasions. Even the most driven of people find it nice have an outside voice to remind them of what they're striving for, but the problem is a lack of consistency.

If you've been lucky enough to have a fantastic teacher or role model that you know in person, you understand how uplifting and encouraging it can be to hear their message. Their voice can spur you toward new and exciting achievements, and remind you of the vast horizon of possibilities that exist in our world.

But our lives are strewn with white noise and static, and that inspiration is probably in your life for but a fraction of your time.

Words Of Inspiration TV StaticIf you're dead set on losing weight, every day you probably drive by numerous fast food restaurants.

If you're trying a raw food diet, it wouldn't be too challenging to find an acquaintance who'll regale with a story about the time his cousin Larry gave up meat and became deathly ill after 6 months.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
  - Albert Einstein

The same goes for career changes, and most positive life improvements, great and small.

The world is full people fully content to be mediocre, and they're only too happy to know that they're doing what everyone else is doing.

Mediocrity is blasted over the airwaves and gossiped over in work lunch rooms. There are no words of inspiration here, but merely pleasant banalities and the slow poison of doubt that will sap your will to strive.

If you're not careful, the deafening roar of mediocrity can overwhelm you and infiltrate your own thoughts. Before long you'll find yourselves spouting the collective ambivilence about the state of things, your goals long forgotten.

Without a new hit of inspiration, you might find your passionate drive toward your goals has faded to a slow meander, or reversed entirely.

Luckily, we live in a world rich with resources, and just because whoever is producing your meaningful words of inspiration is absent from the hustle and bustle of your life, it doesn't mean that you can't get a hit of passion.

Integrating Words of Inspiration Into Your Life

You'll never escape that roar of static noise, but you can add some Beethoven to the mix.

Every day, spend at least a half hour listening to, watching, or reading something you find inspiring.

I'd suggest a large, alternating catalog of material, as single sources tend to lose their potency  over time. 

Words Of Wisdom PersimmonThose eating a healthy raw food diet should especially  be aware of this.  It's very likely that you'll see no one else in your area that eats as you do, so you should substitute some canned inspiration at regular intervals.

Several people like to listen to Dr. Douglas Graham's various audio and video talks to keep them on track. His books also work well.

Words of Inspiration: What They've Done For Me

Having spent much of my life overweight, depressed, and convinced that I wasn't really good at anything worthwhile, it's a bit shocking to see a lithe, athletic, confident, and intelligent man staring back at me when I look into a mirror.

The change is due to many things, but words of inspiration are one of the main causes.

I discovered the work of deceased motivational speaker Earl Nightingale in college, and I've continued to enjoy his work ever since.

Without inspiration, the best powers of the mind remain dormant. They are a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks. - Johann Gottfried Von Herder

I find Nightingale's gravely voice strangely relaxing, but the true power is in the content. Never have I heard someone draw on so many great authors and philosophers as the source of their ideas. In a straight forward and practical way, he lays out how to get get what you want, and be happy doing it.

Words Of Inspiration PunchWhenever I'm feeling blah, I'll hop into my car with Nightingale's Lead The Field audio series and just drive for awhile.

Other times I'll load it onto my MP3 player and go for a long walk or run.

It never fails to get me excited again, and moving toward whatever goals I've become unenthusiastic about.

Words of Inspiration: Move Today

If you're feeling battered by life, you have to be able to see a way out in order to have a prayer of sticking with your goals. Get your half hour full of words of inspiration every day, and you'll keep the rosey horizon in view.

Maybe your inspiration is a successful businessman, or his radical opposite: an advocate for extreme simplicity. If you're suffering from disease, a health-oriented source may be what what drives you.

Most people will switch to different subjects to reflect whatever they're working on, which is perfect. As you become secure in one achievement, the broadcasted static on the subject will be beneath your radar, and you can move onto new and better things.

Do yourself a favor and find some words of inspiration.

Find out much more about integrating wisdom and inspiration into your life in The Raw Food Lifestyle Ebook.

You might find some words of inspiration that fit your needs in the book section.

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