Blood Sugar Spikes And Ending Toxic Hunger Symptoms

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Blood Sugar Spikes And Ending Toxic Hunger Symptoms

by Colleen

Colleen's Question:

I am not currently following a raw diet, however I am extremely interested.

At present time, when my stomach becomes empty, I can feel my blood sugar lowering and I become nauseated. I do eat complex carbohydrates, along with vegetarian "meats", fruits and vegetables.

You commented about how quickly fruit is processed, spiking your blood sugar. Does this mean there will be an equally fast drop? I understand you say to eat whenever you are hungry, but will I have to spend all day grazing in order to avoid the blood sugar drop?

Thanks in advance.

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Colleen.

It would not be a correct characterization of what happens when whole fruit enters the blood stream to call it a "spike".

Yes, blood sugar levels start to rise after you eat fruit, but its fiber content makes it a slow and sustained increase.


The main reason why people see blood sugar spikes after consuming fruit is due to the high fat content of their diet.

You can read how fat content causes high blood sugar levels here.

Lowering fat content to under 10 percent of calories consumed generally corrects any issue within a few days.

And no, blood sugar levels should not crash after the stomach empties. Although we do draw on our reserves, a healthy person on a good diet should be able to go many hours after the stomach empties without feeling any physical discomfort.

To clarify what is happening, I would ask two questions.

1) Is this really a blood sugar problem?

Many people believe they are experiencing blood sugar problems, but their belief isn't based on any particular set of data so much as what they've come to believe low or high blood sugar feels like.

Apply a bit of scientific rigor to your issue and put it to the test.

Pick up a glucometer and see what exactly is happening to your blood sugar as you experience these symptoms.

Once you've done that, you'll have gained a lot of clarity about your situation and you can more easily decide on a path to fixing the problem.

2) Are The Symptoms You're Experiencing Really Toxic Food Withdrawal?

True hunger does not hurt; it is not at all unpleasant for a healthy person on a good diet to experience.

True hunger is actually a neutral drive that is primarily felt not in the stomach, via a headache, or through other unpleasant symptoms, but rather through a not-unpleasant sensation between the upper chest and throat.

Many people who describe blood sugar issues are really experiencing withdrawal from the toxic foods they consume. Because bodily detoxification kicks into high gear when the strain of food digestion has ended, people on unhealthy diets tend to feel worst after their stomach empties.

I explain how these withdrawal symptoms are perceived as hunger, and an interesting study looking at what happens to toxic hunger signals when you improve someones diet in this article

Busting Through To Better Health

You could spend time investigating the above issues, or you could simply try eating a healthy raw diet that will lead to steady blood sugar levels and a complete cessation of toxic hunger discomfort.

For detailed information on what and how much to eat, what foods to avoid, recipes, and sample menus, check out Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality.

Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

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