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Comments for Consequences Of A Fruit-Only Diet

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Nov 06, 2010
Just a couple more things
by: Shelah

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply.

I guess the only one I know who is apparently thriving on all fruits (for close to 20 years now) is Anne Osbourne. She does have access to a wide variety of optimally grown fruits which may account for her success. I can't speak on her level of physical activity except that she goes most places on foot, cares for a young active child , does lots of gardening/orcharding....

I also have wondered about another aspect of eating greens. In nature did/do full heads of lettuces grow wild? And celery? Just a thought.

As I said, I am not anti-greens, whether for nutritional or ethical reasons. I enjoy the taste of some sweeter green leafies and do eat them once in a while. Just not convinced that we all need to eat 1 to 2 lbs every day. I am very active, but not an extreme or ultra-athlete and so maybe I don't require as much as some. As you said, we can't know for certain, in any scientific sense.

I think it's best, once one has been eating a LFRV diet consistently for some years, to pay attention to how one feels and make decisions accordingly. After all, we are all experimenting to some degree -- though it is a MUCH safer experiment than anyone who is testing the very new, modern Western diet!

Thanks for reading :)

With love,

Nov 02, 2010
Fruit Only Raw Food Diet Details Please
by: Shelah

Hi Andrew,

I keep reading that a fruit-only diet will lead to "problems", that some "end up in hospital", that some "nearly died"... but never get any details. What sort of "problems"? What would be considered some warning signs of mineral deficiencies from lack of greens? And how can we know/determine what is truly the minimum amount of greens required, as well as optimum amount? What is the science that backs this up? Lastly, what would you say about those (albeit few) who have been thriving on a fruit-only diet for nearly 20 years?
I am not anti-greens, just looking for the science.

With love,

Andrew's Response:

If you're looking for scientific proof, you're unlikely to find much. There are barely any vegan diet studies, and no raw food diet studies that incorporate what I would consider a healthy diet high in whole fruits and vegetables. No one has studied raw foodists who eat no greens and only fruit. What you essentially are left with is individual cases and trying to get whatever truth you can out of them.

The conditions displayed by many of the cases I'm aware of match what would be described by the medical community as low immunity system response. Some are suffering from fevers, fatigue, etc.

Many seem, in particular, to be lacking in sodium and other essential minerals, and their symptoms generally subside when they are hooked up to a saline drip which supplies them with salt.

A lack of other minerals may be an issue as well.

Although I've never gone for long periods of time without greens, not eating them for several weeks leaves me unable to endure through long periods of exertion, such as 30+ mile runs, while I have no problem doing them while on greens.

This may be the beginning of hyponatremia (an electrolyte disturbance in which the sodium concentration in the blood is lower than normal, causing various problems).

Frankly, I have no interest in staying around to find out.

As for long-term fruit-only raw foodists, I'm not aware of any that haven't been to the hospital at least once for diet-related causes.

Perhaps those who eat a very large variety of fruits grown in organic soils are capable of meeting their mineral needs, especially if they are not very physically active, but I've seen no evidence to make be believe this may be so.

Beyond this, I've seen no good reason NOT to eat greens, and many good ones to eat greens. Doesn't seem like much of an issue to me.

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