Do These Raw Food Recipes Use Smart Food Combining?

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Do These Raw Food Recipes Use Smart Food Combining?

by Geri

Geri's Question:

Hi Andrew.

Thank you for all that you do for us out here.

I am getting deeper and deeper into food combining; I first learned it from Ann Wigmore in the 80s, but then got away from it. I'm getting more deeply into it now.

I find that you have some things in your recipes that are NOT properly combined. As I am learning, please advise by proof for my understanding.

Your Banana Date Coconut Smoothie:

Coconut is a fat and you're combining it with sweet fruit.

Fat/proteins do NOT combine with Sweet fruit....??

Your Corn Salad Recipe: This mixes corn (carb/starch) that does not go with acids (tomatoes)?

Your Coconut Water Soaked Dates: With this one you're coombinging sweet fruit and a fat/protein.

I am only bringing these up because you stated that these and other recipes were properly combined and I do not find this to b the case with these three.

Just want the truth to be out here four all to see.

Again, thank you for all that you're doing for us.


Andrew's Answer:

Hi Geri.

Thanks for your question.

If you haven't already done so, I think it would benefit your understanding greatly to review my article on food combining.

In some areas of your question you seem to have some confusion about what the makeup of food is and how that should effect our food combining choices.

Quick Review:
A good way for you to get your head around this is to remember that all foods have their calories stemming from three sources: fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Some are higher in one of those three than others. One way to sort through food choices is to look at them by accessing the percentage of their calories that come from each category.

Virtually all whole foods have some fat, but some fat doesn't make a food an overt fat (a food that is obviously fatty and high in fat), such as an avocado.

Also, you seem to be equating fat with protein, but none of the ingredients you mention have high protein content.

Example Caloronutrient Ratios Of Foods:

Carb: 98%
Protein: 2%

Protein: 10%
Fat: 11%

Carb: 92
Protein: 4
Fat: 3

Coconut Water:

Carb: 78.4
Protein: 13
Fat: 8

Coconut Flesh:

Carb: 17%
Protein: 3%
Fat: 79%

Answering Geri's Specific Questions:

Banana Date Coconut Smoothie:

There is a large difference between the coconut water which this recipe makes use of and coconut flesh, with it does not. The first is relatively low in fat at around 8 percent of calories. The later is quite high in fat at around 79 percent fat.

So, the rise and blood sugar that often occurs when you're eating fatty foods with sugar shouldn't occur.

Corn Salad Recipe:

In this recipe I emphasize fresh raw corn. Unlike most foods, which ripen after being picked, corn is at the height of its ripeness (highest sugar content) when it's picked, and quickly turns to starch. The starch content in this recipe is relatively low, and there is no issue with combining the corn with tomatoes.

Coconut Water Soaked Dates:

Once again, you seem to be confusing coconut water and coconut flesh. See the first recipe response.

Following Up:

Get eight amazing, low fat, well-combined raw food dressings recipes that will spice up your salads.

Learn how to eat a healthy raw food diet.

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