Dr. Stanley Bass On Sugar Poisoning And B12 Supplements - Are Fruit-Centered Diets Healthy?

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Dr. Stanley Bass On Sugar Poisoning And B12 Supplements - Are Fruit-Centered Diets Healthy?

by Danai

Danai's Question:

Hi. I just ran into another raw vegan site by Dr. Stanley Bass that claims you can get sugar poisoning from too much fruit. Is that true?

Also do you take vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplements? Dr. Bass claims you should eat some grains because you become deficient and he did mice experiments.

He writes about the ultimate vegan diet. What do you think of this and how long have you been on this diet?


Andrew's Answer:

Hi Danai.

You can find someone saying just about anything, but the preponderance of scientific evidence suggests that a well-managed, low-fat raw vegan diet based around fruit but also containing plenty of vegetables and some nuts and seeds is the best path anyone can take toward improved health.

The nutrients in these plant foods combined with their insignificant toxin content make them the best choice for resisting aging, staying disease free, and also thriving a higher level than most westerners ever experience.

Is Sugar Poisoning Possible?

I've seen no evidence to support the idea that sugar poisoning from fruit is in any way possible.

I'd likely be dead or very sick if fruit-based sugar poisoning was in the realm of possibility since I eat more of it than all but a few hundred high carb raw foodists on this planet.

Yesterday I polished off three large papayas for breakfast, eight mangoes for lunch, several pineapples as the first course of my dinner meal, and also ate a salad topped with a fruit-based dressing as course two. I feel fantastic.

Many parts of your body require sugar to function, including your brain, and the body frequently turns other foods into sugar to fuel itself, meaning that you're just giving your body more work if you avoid sugar.

If a life form that runs as optimally on fruit as humans do also happened to be harmed by it, it would be in a real bind.

Are Grains Necessary For Health?

Grains are up there with meat as an important food to avoid. They're filled with opioid peptides capable of breaching the blood brain barrier and affecting your personality and behavior.

They're addicting, which is why people often talk about craving bread when they haven't had grain products for awhile; they're simply going through chemical withdrawal.

Take Victoria Everett, who can switch off the schizophrenic voices in her head by merely avoiding bread and some other harmful foods.

She now thrives on a fruit-filled, healthy, low fat raw vegan diet.

I have followed this diet since 2005.

At the end of the day though, you'll only find out if this diet works if you actually try it 100 percent for a month or two.

Getting On The Right Track:

Learn more about a healthy raw food diet here.

Find out what foods to avoid and concentrate on.

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