How Can You Diagnose Candida And Feel Energetic On A Raw Diet?

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How Can You Diagnose Candida And Feel Energetic On A Raw Diet?


Reader's Question:

Hello:) So, my mind is sort of racing here with questions but I will try to be organized with them..First a little history......I have battled severe candida in the past as a teen. Now at 40 I am quite sure I need to address it again. I had thyroid cancer 7 years ago. I have been on many antibiotics and steroids for the last two years. I've been having more and more fatigue to the point where my life is gravely impacted. I've had extreme and severe stress for many years due to the illness of my child who was diagnosed with cancer at age one. Although I have a history with macrobiotics and general healthy eating, I am also addicted to sugar and caffeine.

A year ago I became a vegeterian and eliminated 95% of all dairy products. I've been raw for 10 days, eating lightly cooked grains and veggies for dinner along with raw foods. I stopped with the avocados and only eat nuts or seeds soaked in the evening. I cut out sugar completely but still working on coffee. Over 6 months I slowly weaned myself off an antidepressant I was on for 3 years. So good to be out from under that. I'm working on my fam to get the t.v. outta here!

Questions: Is there a way to definitively diagnose candida? Can I eliminate it by eating raw all day with some rice and veggies for dinner? Should I expect detox? Although I feel so much better, when can I expect to bound with energy like so many testify? I still feel the need to lie down in the afternoon.

Andrew's Answer:

A doctor would generally depend on a visual cue to diagnose Candida, such as a yeast overgrowth on the tongue, a certain type of skin reddening, yeast on the reproductive organs, and some other signs. Blood tests will also show Candida, but I don't believe that's a common diagnostic procedure.

However, it's worth noting that many of the symptoms commonly associated with candida are also associated with high fat intake, blood sugar issues, and general poor health. It's pretty hard to say for sure that you've got it unless you have an overgrowth.

I know little about your diet and lifestyle and cannot give you specific suggestions, however, If you have an actual case of candida it can usually be reversed by cutting all overt fats, such as nuts, dairy, meat, coconut meat, seeds, oils, avocados, olives, and all other obviously fatty foods out of your diet and switching to low-fat raw fruits as your main source of calories, with plenty of raw vegetables as well.

Although all situations are unique, this regime will generally reverse candida within a few weeks, provided that fat intake stays low and the other elements of a healthy diet are in place.

Although grain products are not healthy and cause a host of problems in the body, they would generally not cause candida.

Most true detox symptoms are caused by withdrawal from addictive substances like caffeinated beverages, chocolate, and other toxic foods, but detox is usually brief. The so-called detox experienced by most raw foodists, after an initial acclimation period, is often caused by their high-fat diets, pills, and other unhealthy food choices.

Knowing very little about you, I cannot predict when your energy levels will improve, but lowering the fat content of your diet is certainly a good first step.

You can read more about candida and reversing it here
Then, get on a
healthy raw food diet.

Learn what foods are ideal here.

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