How Do I Prevent Weight Loss On A Raw Food Diet?

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How Do I Prevent Weight Loss On A Raw Food Diet?

by Kathy

Kathy's Question: I can't seem to get enough calories on this diet and do not want to lose anymore weight.

I am a 69 year old woman who struggles with emphysema, so my exercise is limited. Stand 5'2" and weigh about 85 pounds.

I have been heavy so I know I can gain weight, but don't want the grains or processed foods. Love my salads, but no calories.

How do I stretch my stomach to hold more fruits? I live in Florida so have access to a wide variety.

Thanks, Kathy

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Kathy.

Most people start healthy raw food diets because they want to lose weight, but because of the greater volumes required, maintaining weight can be a possible issue as well.

At the end of the day, if you're not taking in at least as many calories as you're burning off, you're going to lose weight over time, no matter what diet you're on or how healthy it is.

You're right, healthy low fat salads have few calories because they lack the fatty dressings most people put on them. The healthy dressings I suggest won't contribute a ton of calories.

As necessary as they are for health, you can't get enough calories if you stick to salads alone.

The only option is to eat plenty of fruit, our body's optimal source of carbohydrates, and a rich source of energy.

Expanding Your Stomach:

The stomach of the average person has remained atrophied thanks to the high-calorie, low-volume nature of SAD diets.

However, they are capable of expanding to several times this volume, and can do so for anyone if they work at it a bit.

The stomach will expand when you commit to eat a piece or two of fruit more than you would normally choose to consume at a meal. Every meal, continue to eat just a bit more than you're currently comfortable doing. Over time, your stomach capacity will expand, and you can continue this process until you're able to handle large volumes of fruits and vegetables.

High-Calorie Transition Fruits:

Although you shouldn't compromise your diet by eating lots of high-calorie, high-fat foods like avocados, nuts, and seeds, if stomach capacity is at a premium, you should concentrate on fruits which are of a high caloric density.

In other words, concentrate on foods that let you take in more calories per bite. Here are some good ones to consider, many of which are available in Florida, particularly in southern Florida. Sapote, in season, is a great treat in Southern Florida.

Fruit Calories Per 100 Grams
Medjool Dates 277
Sapote (Mamey Sapote) 134
American Persimmons 127
Plantains 122
Sugar Apples (Sweetsop) 94
Jackfruit 94
Bananas 89
Sapodilla 83
Jujude 79
Cherimoya 74
Figs 74
Kumquats 71
Japanese Persimmons 70

Following Up:

If you're undereating and facing cravings, learn how to control them.

Learn how to eat a healthy raw food diet.

Find out what foods are healthy to eat.

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