How much fat to eat, and fat/water soluable vitamins.

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How much fat to eat, and fat/water soluable vitamins.

by Sophie

Sophie's Question: Hi there. When it comes to 'low fat' in the diet to protect our health how much as a percentage is needed?

Also a digestion question which has baffled me for ages: if your eating say a veg with fat soluble vitamins in it such as Vit k in cabbage, do you need to eat the fat at the same meal or will your body use its stores when needed?

Just wondering as I don't want to be eating all those lovely greens and for my body not to digest the goodness, cos I'm avoiding fat.

Also how about water soluble vitamins how long do they last in the body ? if i eat all my fruit at the start of the day and use up my vit c as I'm stressed, by dinner, then eat something which needs vit c to help it be utilized such as iron, for dinner but no foods containing vit c does this mean ill need constant water soluble vitamins throughout the day to help digestion?

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Sophie.

The amount of fat we require as a percentage of calories consumed is relatively modest, and our health suffers when we eat a high-fat diet.

You can read more about the subject in this article.

Fat soluble vitamins are stored in our fat tissue. It's possible to get too many of these vitamins because excess is not excreted easily. You won't get too many eating fruits and vegetables, but it's quite possible when taking vitamin supplements.

Water solable vitamins, however, are not stored in tissue, and our excess intake is excreted in urine, making it hard to overdose on them.

All foods fruits and vegetables have fat in them, so you don't have to worry about eating any particular fruit or vegetable with fat to make sure vitamins are being used properly. The body is intelligent and will handle the details for you.

You do not run the risk of running out of water soluble vitamins over the course of a day if you eat all your fruit up front.

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