Improving My Health As A 70-Year-Old Impotent, Diabetic With Heart Disease

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Improving My Health As A 70-Year-Old Impotent, Diabetic With Heart Disease

Reader Question: Hi. I'm 70 years old, impotent, diabetic, and suffering from heart disease.

I've already had a triple heart bypass surgery for the heart disease. My diabetes is under 7 Acl.

What can I do to improve my health?

Thank you.

Andrew's Answer:

Just because you're 70 years old and suffering from severe health problems doesn't mean you're a lost cause.

You can begin reversing each of the health problems you have today by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Although I lack the background information I'd need to make a good assessment, based on what you've told me, if you don't change what you're doing your chances of living long, or at least living long in a reasonably comfortable state, look decidedly unpromising.

The Impotence:

Sexuality can continue long into old age, but only if our sexual organs haven't been rendered inoperable by our diets.

Just as diet-induced atherosclerosis cuts off the flow of blood to the heart and endangers your life, it does the same with the penis, bringing an end to your sex life.

Learn what causes impotence and how to prevent and reverse it here.

The Diabetes:

As type 1s make up a fairly small part of the population, I'm assuming you're a type two diabetic. That would be a good thing, as type twos cause the disease to appear, but also can reverse it.

Your HbA1c test tells me that at least over the last 3 months you have maintained a level of blood sugar control which is not immediately a severe threat to your body, if still very unhealthy in the long run.

However, an AcL over 8 is considered in dangerous territory, so you're not that far away from having problems.

Luckily, most people can reverse their diabetes in less than a month, although the time frame depends on other health factors.

Learn about what causes diabetes and how you can reverse it here.

The Heart Disease:

Large-scale dietary change has been shown by numerous studies to reverse heart disease, saving patients lots of money and pain, not to mention their lives.

You get atherosclerosis by eating a high-fat diet, specifically a high-fat diet rich in meat, eggs, and dairy.

The diet most westerners eat causes heart disease, which is why it's the major killer of the developed world. Of the people who don't die of it, the vast majority had heart disease, but something else, such as cancer, killed them before heart disease developed enough to choke off the supply of blood to their hearts.

Luckily, the same overall dietary changes will reverse heart disease in a manner similar to how they reverse diabetes and impotence.

The Diet:

The ultimate way to tackle all these problems is to adopt a healthy low fat raw vegan diet.

If you change your diet, there's a very good chance that you can live a long life in good health.

Following Up:

Learn what foods to eat and which to avoid here.

Tired of unhealthy salad dressings? Spice them up with Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces.

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