Is All Salt The Same? What If It's Raw Salt?

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Is All Salt The Same? What If It's Raw Salt?

Mark's Question: Hi my names Mark, my question to you is are all salts the same? well realy its not a question, because i know the answer as you probably know yourself, table salt is the worst but sea salt properly harvestsd sea salt from your health food shops are the best in particular celtic sea salt.

Sea salt is full of minerals and is particulary good for people with high blood preassure and dose not hold flued retention like table salt.Without salt the human cells will explode amongst other things.IF you are interested witch im sure you are and readers like my self will be maybee you could do an artical on salt.

I got all my knoledge on sea salt from a new zealand herbalist dr malcom harger he has a website under his name and the last time i looked he had a short version of salt fackts witch i think you would be interested in.

Keep up the good work and thanks
regards Mark

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Mark.

Table salt and sea salt are not identical, but in terms of their effect upon our health there is no discernible difference.

Chemically speaking, sea salt contains more trace minerals, but they're present in such small quantities as to be meaningless. Nothing found in any type of processed salt cannot be found and more easily utilized in celery, lettuce, and other vegetables.

The big hawkers of sea salt and the various other exotic salt varieties are either looking to make a quick buck, or they've been hoodwinked themselves.

To learn more about why salt is an unhealthy addition to any diet, and the differences between table salt and sea/Celtic/Himalayan salt, check out this article.

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