List of Raw Foods

There Are So Many Raw Foods. What Should You Be Eating?

There are many foods that could be part of your raw diet, so use this list of raw foods and the accompanying explanations to guide your choices.

The fact is that many of the foods that can be consumed raw are not healthy, especially in large quantities.

Though human physiology doesn't vary much from person to person, some variance can be made for individual tolerances when it comes to eating foods like cruciferous vegetables, which some find hard to digest but others have no problems with. Other foods are harmful enough that they should just be avoided.

You can use Andrew's Litmus Test, a type of raw food elimination diet, to find out what foods are likely harmful.

Generally speaking, though, if you keep at least 80 percent of your calories coming from carbohydrates, no more than 10 percent coming from protein, and no more than 10 percent coming from fat, you'll pretty much automatically end up eating whole raw fruits, vegetables, and a limited quantity of fats.

List Of Raw Foods
                        Berry Salad

Healthy Foods:

  • List of Fruits
  • Nuts and Seeds

  • Questionable Foods:

    Unhealthy Foods:  

    Animal Products

    The Allium Family Of Plants



    Following Up:

    See how this list of raw foods fits into a healthy diet.

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