A Raw Food Detox Diet Will Set You On The Right Path

Not Feeling Good? A raw food Detox Diet Can Cure What Ails You.

Modern living and the foods you consume can make you sick, drain your energy, and leave you feeling like crap.

I spent most of my early life overweight, depressed, and sick because no one had explained to me a simple truth. The things we stuff into our bodies: meat at the barbecue, soda with pizza, ice cream for desert, and a some rum at the party, are like trash that gets piled up in the street.

A few bags might not make a difference right away, and it'll probably get cleared. Overtime, though, those bags pile up and break open if no one cleans up. Flies buzz around and larvae are hatched. Water gets contaminated, and soon the whole thing reeks. That street is your body.

It gets polluted, it starts to smell, and if the street could feel, it would tell you that life sucks and it's going back to bed.

A raw food detox diet will give your body a chance to clean up the trash of everyday living and restore you to pristine health.

Why You Need A Raw Food Detox Diet

Headaches, colds, low energy, and even diseases are caused by poor food and lifestyle habits.

The body can clean up the trash we put in it, but only if you give it the chance to catch with a raw food detox diet.

What's wrong with society's food and habits? Here are a few of the problems that our lifestyle causes.

The Salt And Irritants In Food Bloat You With Water.

Your body reacts to toxins that you eat, like salt, by trying to render them inert with water until it can expel them. You've probably seen a slug melted with salt, and you know that you'll die if you drink enough salt water, so it does it make sense to dump it in your body? If you think that salt can't hurt you, try putting it in an open wound next time you get cut.

Your body uses water to protect you, but the result is you putting on lots of water weight that can be lost easily by cleaning up your diet.

On a raw food detox diet, it's not unusual for a fairly slender person to lose 5-15 pounds of water weight within the first two weeks.

The very obese can lose up to 40. This loss should not be confused with fat, which is lost at a fairly slow rate. You need to burn off or eat 3,500 fewer calories than you normally would to get rid of a pound of fat.

This can be done too, on a raw food detox diet, but it will happen more slowly. Any diet guru that says that his plan can burn fat at a very rapid clip is either lying or peddling something very unhealthy.

For more on water weight loss, read the full article here.

You're Making Yourself Tired

The fact is that the body needs sleep - a lot of it. The eight hours regularly touted is at the low end of what healthy people need, and the sick and worn out need several hours more. Your body gets most of its house cleaning done when you sleep, and it's how you restore nerve energy.

The problem is that the natural rhythms of sleep have been disrupted by drugs, allowing us to go with less, to our detriment.

When you slam on your body's breaks with depressants and then rev the engine with stimulants, your body is not happy, to say the least. The daily coffee that many feel the need for is seen by most as a harmless boost. But when your body is tired, it needs rest. Stimulants do not give you energy. Only your body can restore its own energy through rest.

Stimulants only drain your nerve energy for a boost now at the cost of your health later. When you start drinking a daily cup of coffee, you need to at least maintain that one cup daily or you'll start to get tired. In most cases, you'll need to continuously boost the number of cups you drink. Try cutting out the coffee and see how energetic you are.

You need to stop drinking stimulants and taking in other edible toxins to make yourself healthy. A raw food detox diet will also clear out your body so your body can concentrate on giving you energy to live on.

Stop The Headaches

At least twice a week while I was a teenager you could find me on my bed with the door to my room closed and the the shades pulled. I would be writhing on the sheets, my head throbbing.

I didn't know it then, but my migraine headaches were caused by my body's attempts to detoxify itself.

In his book fasting and eating for health, Dr. Joel Fhuhrman says:

"Most people suffer through their headache attacks using home remedies or over-the-counter medications (on which we spend more than $4 Billion each year). When they finally consult a physician, further medication is thrust their way.

It is exceedingly rare that the patient will be taught that life-style and diet choices have brought on this problem and that only the removal of these inciting causes can resolve the distress.

Typically patients are encouraged to become drug dependent, forever popping pills or injecting themselves with drugs in an attempt to control their suffering…

The major causes of both tension headaches and migraines is the retention of toxins or tissue irritants within the central nervous system…

Sometimes this release of waste from cells can be painful; nevertheless, it has a positive benefit to the body. Our cells and the tissues they comprise must continually strive to maintain their purity to prevent early cellular degeneration and premature cell death…

My experience in treating migraine and severe-headache patients with a more comprehensive nutritional approach has shown that 90 to 95 percent of patients are able to remain headache-free after the first three-month period.

These patients avoid common migraine triggers, but also in the healing phase they adhere to a strict natural-food vegan diet of primarily fruits and vegetables ... These patients must avoid all packaged and processed foods, which are notorious for containing hidden food additives, even though they are not disclosed on the labels. They also avoid all added salt." (1)

Stop the headaches, and let your body clear itself out once and for all. Start eating a raw food detox diet now, and kiss migraines goodbye.

Your Food Makes You Smell

Do you need deodorant? The human body does not naturally have an offensive odor. We only start to smell when you consume harmful things. The body detoxifies through the skin, and disgusting smells are the result.

If you need to put deodorant on, you're toxic. A few months on a raw food detox diet and your sweat will not smell like much of anything. It's just water.

No More Acne

If you're suffering from acne, it's mostly because of your diet. Read more about a simple acne cure here.

General Euphoria

It's hard to describe exactly, but once you've achieved true health and vitality on a raw food detox diet, there's just a default feeling of euphoria that sets in after awhile.

You'll be looking and feeling better than you have in years, and your energy will be through the roof. It gets a lot harder to see the dark side of things.

On a run, you'll be flying up hills that you were struggling up weeks before. You'll find yourself out on a hike and suddenly realize that your allergies haven't bothered you in months. You'll be having sex and realize that it's amazing to be alive.

Enacting A Raw Food Detox Diet

So how do you go about starting a raw food detox diet? It's simple

You're going to be sticking to a diet of raw fruits and vegetables that will leave you satisfied and feeling full. Read up on the specifics of a raw food detox diet here.

You'll also want to read up on living a healthy lifestyle here.

If you want to know how a detoxing can heal diseases, click here.

Reactions to the diet vary. Your body may feel tired and you may get headaches as your body cleans out your addiction to caffeine and refined food. You'll start shedding water weight at around a week.

At first, you may experience some unpleasant feelings of detox as your body cleans itself out, but you'll be better than ever soon.

(1) Dr. Joel Fuhrman, "Fasting and Eating for Health," pg 76-77.

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