Andrew's Raw Food Health Transformation

The first half of my life was not a pleasant or healthy one.

Before I found raw food health, I was very overweight and prone to headaches that would leave me writhing on the floor in pain. I suffered from backaches and intestinal problems that left me dreading my days.

Frequent colds and other illnesses plagued me,and I was depressed and withdrawn because of my troubles. I look back from where I am now and wish that someone would have walked into my life, slapped me across the face, and told me that there was a better way.

I didn't know then that my "good" diet, or good by the standards of the overweight, sick society we live in, was not good at all. I looked at my thin brother who ate far worse than I did and wondered what was wrong with me.

Sad AndrewWas I cursed? Why did I get these genes? I, like many people, just saw myself as a collection of genetic misfortune. I played sports, could run fast, and yet I was still fat.

My diet was relatively good by American standards, so why was I overweight?

Discovering Raw Food Health

The problem, I see clearly now, was not my genes; they're serving me well enough today. The problem was my lifestyle. The meat, eggs, dairy, processed food, caffeine, and sedentary behavior was what was causing my problems. All I needed to do was to bring myself in line with nature's laws so raw food health could be mine.

Andrew Side Cro
Side Crow

Since age 17, I've gradually ratcheted up my health. I first cut out junk food, greatly increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I was eating, and started a regular intense exercise routine. With only this my 5'11 frame dropped from 220 pounds to around 190. I started to feel better, my headaches diminished, but there was still a backbone of disease in my life.

There was blood and pus in my stool, and I was frequently constipated. I still had periodic headaches, my energy levels were not that great, and I still got sick two or three times a year.

By my sophomore year in college I had spent almost two years reading up on the health benefits of a vegan diet. Books like Professor Colin Campbell's "The China Study," made it clear that animal protein is a major cause for most of the western diseases of affluence that affect us, namely cancer, heart disease, obesity and type two diabetes. That year I made the plunge and cut out meat, dairy, and eggs and took up running daily.

I dropped another 10 pounds and started to feel more energy than I had before. I was now only rarely sick, but my intestinal problems, which I'd eventually find out were stemming from colitis, actually got worse, probably because I had replaced many of the animal protein calories in my diet with grains, which are high in gluten and problematic for the body.

My Raw Success Story

I consulted with a number of cooked food vegan doctors, but none could offer me a solution that worked. Finally, I ran across a little pamplet called "Grain Damage," by Dr. Douglas Graham, who went on to publish The 80/10/10 Diet.

Andrew Handstand
                      ScorpionI suddenly had my answers: Cut out the cooked food and the unhealthy starches, treat my body to delicious fruits and vegetables, and all will be well.

Dr. Graham was right. Adopting a healthy raw food diet cured my intestinal/Colitis problems within months, gave me more energy than I had ever experienced, and I haven't been ill since I adopted the diet.

Today I'm a trim 159 pounds, 61 pounds lighter than my all time high. My running stamina has easily doubled, my mind is clearer than it ever has been, and I just feel great. I have raw food health.

As a newspaper reporter, I'm used to writing articles that inform, and I thought that maybe I should try providing information for people interested in curing disease and finding health online. I hope to be that person that walks into your life and gives you a refreshing slap across the face, the same one that I was looking for all those years ago.

I wish you sunshine and fruit my friends

-Andrew Perlot

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