Comments for Too Much Sugar In Lots Of Fruit?

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Comments for Too Much Sugar In Lots Of Fruit?

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Aug 18, 2011
Hail Vitamix
by: Davilyn

I'm not really sure whomever created juicers - they have their place but if you want to drink healthy balanced juices you need to do it with a Vitamix.

I make a lot of different fruit/veggie combo juices-but it still has to be in moderation. And add some protein to the mix like nuts, tofu or yogurt.

People forget that a small glass of orange juice contains something like 5 oranges - and as you commented - wayyyy too much carbohydrates at one time.

Vitamix website has a whole book of juice combos that are nutritious and won't bring on low blood sugar.

Andrew is right on the mark about taking it slow when transitioning from high fat - empty calorie diets.

I once read a story of a man that had been a big meat eater and suddenly decided to go "cold turkey" onto a totally fruit juice diet (which is not healthy under any circumstances). He actually started to have hallucinations. Everything in moderation......Figure it takes you almost as long to get healthy, truly healthy as it you spent indulging in the opposite.

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