What About Blended Salads For Broccoli, Cabbage, And Cauliflower?

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What About Blended Salads For Broccoli, Cabbage, And Cauliflower?

by David

David's Question: Hi Andrew,

Thank you for a wonderful website.

I started on Dr. Furhman's program about 5 weeks ago and after 2 weeks switched to a raw diet and began making blended salads.

I have just finished a short water fast of about 5 days and want to optimize my diet. Your site is so inspiring so I have some questions:

What is your view on eating foods in the cabbage family like Kale broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower? What is your view on spinach and Oxalic acid?

What is your view on blended salads and juicing?

Thank You,

Andrew's Answer:

Hi David.

You should start off by taking a look at this brief overview of the vegetable kingdom.

Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, and kale are not the easiest vegetables to digest raw, but this is a question of individual preference, digestive ability, and vegetable maturity as much as it is one of nutrition.

Personally, I eat these foods, and enjoy them, seeing no reason to avoid them. But they are not vegetable staples of my diet in the same sense that the leafy greens like lettuce, or celery is.

After I've chowed down on a head of cauliflower, which I find delicious, I find my digestion of it is less than ideal.

It's certainly not like the ease of celery. All the same, I suffered from colitis for years, and it took me several years of eating a raw diet before I was recovered enough to eat cruciferous vegetables at all.

I've known raw foodists with healthy digestive systems who can eat many more of these foods on a regular basis while digesting the foods fairly well.

Vegetable Maturity:

The state of the vegetable also matters. Many vegetables get tougher and harder to digest as they mature, such as spinach. Try getting fresh picked, young, (baby) spinach and you'll likely find it easier to digest. Studies have varied in their findings on how much oxalic acid baby spinach contains compared to mature spinach.

Vegetables like Broccoli won't get much easier to digest if picked young, but many greens will.

Blended Salads:

Blended salads are essentially mechanically chewed food, and some find they ease the digestive challenges of cruciferous vegetables and tougher leafy greens like kale.

Many who don't enjoy salads, or don't like to eat large amounts of salads, find blended salads an ideal way to get their greens in, which is critical.

As long as they're well combined, this is fine.

Oxalic Acid:

I prefer leafy greens that are low in oxalic acid. Oxalic acid has has been shown to bind up calcium and cause some other issues.

Many of the cruciferous vegetables you mention contain oxalic acid, particularly spinach.

All the same, numerous studies show the benefits of consuming these foods, and I certainly don't let the oxalic content dissuade me from eating them periodically.

I don't see it as a big deal. There's such an abundance of calcium in my diet that worrying about a bit of spinach seems absurd.

Following Up:

Learn how to eat a healthy raw food diet.

Learn to make amazing low fat raw dressings and sauces that can spice up your salads every night of the week here.

Find out what foods are not optimal on a raw food diet.

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