What Do You Think Of The Woodstock Fruit Festival?

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What Do You Think Of The Woodstock Fruit Festival?

by Wendy Kennedy
(Sacramento California)

Wendy's Question:

Hi Andrew.

I noticed something a bit weird. You talk about raw foods diets and fruit all the time, and there's this giant gathering of raw food fruit eaters in New York for the last two years called the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Yet you never talk about it in articles, your newsletter, or the raw food health podcast, despite it being THE THING for fruit lovers.

I was wondering if it's because you disagree with the presenters.

Like how Freelee and Durian Rider talk about eating more calories than a person needs so some of their followers end up getting fat.

And other people are into meat and supplements.

Why haven't you gone? Why don't you talk about it?


Andrew's Answer:

Hi Wendy.

I have nothing at all against the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

In fact, I think it's a great idea.

As you mentioned, I'm sure I have individual differences with some of the presenters, but that wouldn't keep me away.


If I demanded borg-like ideological adherence from my friends and associates, I wouldn't have any left.

What's great about the festival is that it's a gathering of what essentially amounts to the most health conscious and vital people on earth (and those who are trying to achieve that benchmark).

They've all found that a fruit-based diet takes them farther than they could get eating anything else, and they've come together in celebration of the lifestyle that results.

Those on raw diets are some of the most beautiful people - physically and emotionally - that I've ever met, and it makes sense that they all want to spend time together, given that most raw foodists don't live among other raw foodists.

Plus, with speakers like Dr. Doug Graham and physical inspiration from the likes of Mike Arnstein, I'm sure it's a nice refresher course in the possibilities life has to offer.

Why I Haven't Attended:

In 2011 I was busy exploring Southeast Asia when the festival was going on, and I frankly wasn't going to fly back across the world to get to the festival and then sit for another 48 hours of travel back east afterward.

In 2012 I simply planned really poorly. I was living close to the festival at the time in Connecticut, but months in advance I'd planned two talks during the festival time period. Backing out wasn't something I was comfortable with, so I didn't go.

The Future:

I'd certainly be interested in attending in the future, as I'm pretty certain I'd enjoy it.

Actually, I'd love to give a few talks if the organizers are looking for new speakers.

We'll see where life finds me in the summer of next year.

If I end up going, I'm sure I'll be speaking about the experience here.

Following Up:

Learn how to eat the Healthy Raw Food Diet that fuels those attending the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

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