What's The Best Type Of Water To Drink?

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What's The Best Type Of Water To Drink?

by Bruce Thompson

Bruce's Question:

Hi Andrew.

What's the best type of water to drink?

Although It would probably be ideal to get all our water intake from the fresh fruits and vegetables we eat, sometimes we need to supplement this by drinking water. The research that I've read seems to suggest that distillation and reverse osmosis (both combined with carbon filtration) may be the best 2 methods for purifying water.

But what about ionized/alkalized/structured water? The opinions I've read range anywhere from saying its the best thing possible to saying it's complete nonsense. What's your opinion on this type of water? Are there any reputable studies or books that shed light on this topic?

Thanks for any assistance with these questions.

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Tom.

I consider the best type of water to be distilled water, as it has pretty much been purified of all contaminants. Although there is the possibility of certain VOCs not getting filtered out, it's the best method of getting clean water that we have.

The same people who want to sell you dried, processed supplements and vitamin pills also find it profitable to convince you that your health depends on your water being "alive", or "structured" or that it contain trace minerals.

It's all nonsense.

The idea of water being alive is pretty absurd. Can it also die?

When it evaporates, does it enter water heaven and come back down to us as living rain?

Water doesn't eat, produce waste, reproduce, or carry on any of the other functions a scientist would use to identify a living thing.

I've written generally about our hydration needs here, and about why distilled water is your best bet here.

If you're looking for a good water distiller, I've had success with this model.

Don't listen to the hype. Just drink pure water.

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