Which is better more fruits or more vegetables?

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Which is better more fruits or more vegetables?

by Herb

Herb's Question: I have been reading several different vegan/vegetarian books and some say to eat mostly vegetables and your site says to eat mostly fruits. Which one is correct?

Everyone quotes studies to advocate their view.

Andrew's Answer:

Hi Herb

The answer is that neither is "better". A healthy raw food diet should include lots of both.

Assuming because a study said something good about spinach that peaches don't have merit, or as much merit, is part of the fragmented thinking most of the medical and nutritional community engages in.

Most honest scientists believe they haven't even discovered half of all the nutrients in food, and they have an even vaguer understanding of how nutrients interact with the body.

There is a long-standing tradition of coming to grand conclusions based on small insights, and often those insights lead us down disastrous paths.

For an example, learn how fragmenting thinking regarding beta-carotene lead to many unnecessary deaths by cancer.

I suggest people get 3-5 percent of their calories from vegetables, and I think you'll find that's a greater volume than most vegetarians or vegans eat. Have you ever eaten 3 heads of lettuce in your evening salad before?

Logical Thinking:

The raw food diet I recommend is set up how it is because it makes sense through logical reasoning.

1) Premise: Cooking food destroys nutrients and creates carcinogens in food. If we choose to avoid these damaged foods, we can't eat many of the vegetable foods people rely on for calories, such as potatoes and grains.

2) This mostly leaves us with leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, which our stomach capacity can only accommodate in limited amounts. Ever try to get all your calories from these without cooking? You'll fail, I assure you. The exception is when people add fatty oils and foods to fill the calorie gap, which causes numerous blood sugar problems.

3) Although vegetables are the greatest source of minerals and an important part of our diet, we must rely on fruit, the greatest source of vitamins, to give us enough calories to fill the gap and fuel a vibrant lifestyle.

4) Unsurprisingly, this diet is also embraced by our closest genetic relatives, the bonobos, who share a very similar digestive anatomy.

They get most of their calories from fruit, but also get plenty of greens. It's the diet we evolved eating, save only that we've replaced wild cultivars with domestic cultivars chosen by our needs and tastes.

Following Up:

Learn how to eat a healthy raw food diet.

Figure out what foods to embrace and which ones to avoid.

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